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Seriously Fresh Belgian Chocolates...

...the difference is in the taste!

Our Belgian chocolates are handmade for us by one of Belgium's most respected artisan chocolatiers, Stefan Dumon.


Stefan & his wife Marie-Anne run their award winning family business with a team of just six and are personally involved with every stage of production. So when we say they are hand-made (A much over-used phrase!) in this case they really are!!


However they are also especially rare as they are an entirely FRESH product with none of the life preserving additives so often found in Belgian Chocolates in this country.


To achieve this we have the chocolates collected directly from Belgium every two weeks so that we have them on sale within just days (and sometimes hours!) of being made.


This may not be as convenient for us as buying from one of the large importers but we think the difference makes it worthwhile. We love the purity and FRESHNESS which is not only a reflection of the lack of artificial additives, but also the quality of the ingredients. We hope you enjoy them and would welcome any comments you may have.


P.S. If you find yourself in Belgium you can visit one of Stefan's shops in the centre of Brugge at;



6, Eiermarkt,